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with Deborah Sundahl

The G-spot is the female prostate. 

All women have a prostate. Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, a fountain of vitamins and minerals. Ancient people around the world knew, honored and enjoyed its healing waters.

Immerse yourself in fascinating knowledge of the G-spot. 

The ‘hidden gateway’ to deeper love and intimacy. Explore the mystery of its orgasm, and find erotic satisfaction in its ultra-feminine source, female ejaculation.

Get luxurious time to re-discover your body. 

And delve deeper into your sexuality. Learn all about the G-spot: where it is located, how to have G-spot orgasms, and how to stimulate the G-spot to bring back its natural state of ultra-sensitivity. Learn how to make that luscious feminine fountain flow!

Learn from the expert. 

Upon completion of this workshop with Deborah’s expertise, you will have a deeply changed and beloved view of your erotic body. You will possess more skill and knowledge  about your G-spot and ability to female ejaculate. You will understand how to have a G-spot orgasm and how to release ejaculate. You will have experienced how to awaken her natural sensitivity to pleasure and love.

Deborah held the intimate space in such a calm, loving and warm way. The knowledge about my G-spot and the sensation of it in my body has already changed my sex life for the better. I felt nourished in both body and mind leaving the retreat.” ~ Disa Mineur, Stockholm, Sweden


Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, a fountain full of enzymes and minerals that ancient peoples around the world knew about, honored and enjoyed.

Immerse yourself in all the knowledge, wonder and erotic satisfaction of this ‘hidden gateway to deeper love and intimacy’ – the G-spot – and its ultra-feminine source, female ejaculation.

Explore the G-spot’s special orgasm and the passionate, healing waters of female ejaculation. In the women’s workshop, you get luxurious time to yourself to re-discover your body and delve much deeper into your sexuality.

In the Couples workshops, you learn exactly how to create the G- spot orgasm, and release female ejaculation, bring joy and a closer bond to your erotic relationship. You will replace what has been missing in your intimacy – both emotionally and physically – with easy desire and deeper love for each other.

Get this lovely, divine birthright, the female erotic source, flowing again!

With a weekend devoted solely to learning all about the female prostate anatomy, and its orgasm and its ejaculation, you will feel deeply empowered and very happy.


Small Group Live with Deborah

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Deborah is a legend in sex education. I feel lucky for opportunity to work with her! ~ Angela B, Colorado USA
Deborah has a wealth of knowledge about the G-spot and female ejaculation. Her teachings allowed me to deepen my connection and respect for what she eloquently refers to as “the erotic soul of a woman.” ~ Lara, San Diego, CA


5 weeks in a row * 2 hrs each week * with Deborah Sundahl


The focus of this workshop is to understand all about the G-spot in the female body. We accomplish this via a sex education lecture, See, Find and Feel exercises to locate the G-spot, and mindfulness practices to learn how to awaken its ultra-sensitivity. From this approach of step-by-step deepening familiarity with the female prostate, the g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation flow effortlessly. These practices and unique approach designed by Deborah, create the prostate orgasm and its ejaculate in your body easily, gently and through your control.

By end of the on-line workshop, you will understand how a G-spot orgasm builds and how female ejaculation flows most easily from your own unique, erotic body.

The female prostate (G-spot) has a unique ability to express love and serve as Guide to erotic self-awareness and loving connection with self and partner. You receive an introduction to this aspect in this workshop. The Awaken Your G-Spot Level II on-line workshop (below) teaches how to activate this depth of awareness. Guidance through facilitation and meditations live with Deborah Sundahl.


Five, two-hour sessions every three weeks with Deborah Sundahl

This workshop requires taking Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot workshop first.

The female prostate is an incredible storehouse of guidance and information. Mindfulness and inner awareness is her landscape. All you need are the tools and skills to unlock her language, and you will learn that in this workshop. Through practices and meditations that Deborah created over 20 years of working with women, you increase your awareness of your G-spot’s sensitivity and female ejaculation’s sensation in your body. Slowly, gently and with greater awareness, you witness how pain, numbness and fear are replaced with opened avenues to wild passion, relaxed pleasure, and deep empowerment.

Expand intimacy from your deepest feminine longing. Learn how to release her excitement and comfort whenever you need it. 
Gentleness toward your erotic body and intimate knowledge of her desires will serve you over a lifetime. 



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Feminine Fountain & G-Spot Weekend for Women in Austin, TX USA

March 17-19, 2023

Austin, Texas,  Registration Open

Sky Woman

SkyWomen ~ An In-Depth Exploration of Feminine Sexuality in the Spirit of Tantra. A Week in France for Women with Skydancing Tantra®

May 24-31, 2023 

South French Countryside


Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot for Couples. Weekend in France

September 28 – October 1, 2023 

South French Countryside 

Awakening the G-Spot – Experience More Pleasure, Joy and Satisfaction! Weekend in Sweeden

September TBA, 2023

Stockholm, Sweeden

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot for Women. Weekend in France

October 5-8, 2023

South French Countryside 


It was a fantastic course with incredibly interesting information presented so beautifully, insightfully and humbly. (A little hard to find words!) One of those skilled teachers she is! Delighted! ~ Margaretha, Sweden

The G-spot workshop kept me focused on me. It allowed me to be caring and sensitive to my body, which expanded my journey of self-love. ~ Aimee G., Scottsdale, AZ

I had a truly wonderful workshop experience. Deborah was an encouraging and inspiring teacher to begin such a deep and private journey with. She was attentive, honest, accepting, balanced and completely genuine. I felt equal in her presence as we all shared and learned from each other. Her knowledge has inspired me to become active, taking action in this beautiful and powerful role that I am proud to have as a women. ~ Rene Smith, CA

I took this workshop with famous USA Tantra teachers years ago. And Deborah’s workshop brought me to a much higher awareness. ~ William, Ashland, Oregon

Committing to such an exploration of my body was exciting and a little intimidating. Thankfully, Deborah is a good woman who possesses key qualities I believe are most important in being a sex educator: she is compassionate and she is compelling. Compassionate first because she builds a space for people to feel warmly welcomed and nurtured within. I say compelling because she shares so much knowledge and debunks myths. She put me at ease with moving forward. I will continue working to open myself up more and more to sexual fulfillment, and feel encouraged that there is an endless stream of satisfaction to be had. ~ Sarah Elder, NYC