December 29, 2022  Traveling Europe Teaching Sex Ed with Deborah Sundahl 
Moving On Podcast with Christi Cassidy

In a free-flowing conversation, Deborah Sundahl talks about how she came to travel six months each year to Europe  giving lectures and workshops about women’s sexuality–a second career born of a need to promote her book about female ejaculation and the G-spot. She discusses what happens at her hands-on workshops. Other topics range from a discussion of On Our Backs, the lesbian magazine Deborah co-founded in the 1980s, to AIDS and what women learned from gay men and the BDSM community, to writing a book about female ejaculation and the G-spot – a gamble that went from passion project to a whole new profession as a traveling sex educator and lecturer.

November, 2021  Orgasm, Goddess Water, and The G-Spot
Love and Liberation Podcast with Olivia Clementine

Ancient views on female fluids, sacredness, and nourishment, and returning into relationship with your sexual being. Difference between orgasm and ejaculation, and between clitoral, cervical and g-spot orgasms. How to locate your G-spot/prostate. How to experience G-spot self-arousal and with another, and orgasms as you age.

June, 2021 Squirting Secrets w/ Deborah Sundahl
Podcast for Sex with Emily

Deborah and Emily discuss the difference between squirting and having an orgasm, a step-by-step guide to tapping into your squirting potential, where the G-spot (aka female prostate) is located and how to find it, and the best sex position to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Best ways to make sure you and your partner can relax and experience all the pleasure and release of a full-body orgasm.

February, 2021  How To Be Truly Feminine with Deborah Sundahl
Article Interview by Lila Iris for

I would say the femininity is the ability to be in the body, to feel joy and pleasure and comfort, to love your vulva as a way of self-care, to understand that a huge part of your creativity, of your sexuality and sensuality comes from your life force, which is the same force that you encounter in orgasm.

December, 2020  Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot with Deborah Sundahl
The Real Undressed Podcast #86 with Deborah Kagen

In this episode we speak about everything from: what IS the female Gspot and why we should care,  the function and importance of your prostiatic fluid,  the misconceptions about female ejaculation + dismantling shame around it, the essential first step to being sexually liberated, the need for radical improvement with sex education, the shift in the culture towards female ejaculation and why that happened, how your emotions affect your ability to ejaculate,  the vagus nerve and its involvement with the g-spot and orgasm, the difference between orgasm and ejaculation, sex beyond the realm of pleasure into self-care and sacredness, and more.

May, 2020 Dakini Podcast (Germany in German Language)
The G-Spot Really Exists! Interview with Monika Kochs and Olga Verneville

In this podcast, they summarize what they have learned in a circle of 15 women about the female prostate in a three day webinar with Deborah Sundahl.

October, 2019 YesYoga Podcast (Sweden)
Prostate Power Preacher Interview with Christian Wigardt
June, 2015 BITCH MAGAZINE Blue issue #67
Yes, We Can! Gushing Over the Ability to Ejaculate by Mary Katharine Tramontana
May, 2015 HOT LIFE HOT LOVE California, USA
Google Hang Out Video Interview with Coach Mai Vu

What takes place in a workshop, how to talk with your teenage daughter, breaking taboos and barriers to loving your vulva, giving away your sexuality to a partner or a date, performance myths about female ejaculation. A lively banter with sex coach for the single divorced and dating mom, Mai Vu.

March, 2015 KRAUT REPORTERS Berlin, Germany
Das Gynakologische Ratsel by Theresa Bauerlein

Der G-Punkt sei ein Mythos, sagen viele Wissenschaftler. Falsch, sagt Deborah Sundahl, die seit Jahrzehnten mit Frauen arbeitet
Es ist ein kühler Mittwochmorgen in Santa Fe, USA. Deborah Sundahl, Expertin für ein erotisches Niemandsland, sitzt mit einer sehr großen Kaffeetasse vor ihrem Computer und hat ein merkwürdiges Bild vor sich. Drei Skype-Fenster, in denen kein Mensch zu sehen ist, nur Sofakanten in schrägen Winkeln, ein leerer Sessel und etwas, das eine Küchenzeile sein könnte. “Tief durchatmen. Lasst euch Zeit. Benutzt den Spiegel”, sagt Sundahl mit ruhiger, heller Stimme. “Könnt ihr ihn sehen?” Der Strahl einer Taschenlampe geistert durch eines der Fenster. Man hört ein Seufzen. Eine Frauenstimme meldet sich. Sie klingt leise, triumphierend. ”Ich sehe ihn”, sagt sie.

October, 2014 NAISELE Tallin, Estonia
Uskuge, Kiok Naised Saavad Ejakuleerida Kui Vaid Tahavad! by Juhan Millek

“Uskuge, kõik naised saavad ejakuleerida, kui vaid tahavad!” (33)
by Juhan Mellik, 25. oktoober 2014, 09:00
“Naise ejakulatsiooni lõhn: see on värske ja kerge, nagu asetaks oma nina metsaalusele mullale. See on inspireeriv, armas, jumalik!” kiidab koolitaja Deborah Sundahl.
“Järgmine kord, kui tekib võimalus, nuusutage seda üdini naiselikku aroomi!”
Deborah Sundahl – rohkem kui veerand sajandit naiste ejakulatsiooni uurinu – kirjeldab parasjagu, kuidas nimetatud jumalikku vedelikku ära tunda.
Kino Artis saali täidab enne ettekande “G-punkt ja naiste ejakulatsioon” algust kerge elevus. “Töö juures keegi just imestas: mis inimesed need küll on, kes sellisele loengule lähevad,” vestleb läheduses istuv naisterahvas oma kaaslasega.
Ma siis vastasin talle: mina lähen!” Mees noogutab: “Ma arvan, et paljud häbenevad.”

October, 2014 MAIL AND FEMALE TV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Deborah Sundahl Over de P-spot

Deborah Sundahl was opnieuw in Amsterdam en gaf een lezing in de Mail&Female winkel over de G-Spot. Daarbij verklapte ze bezig te zijn met een boek over de P-Spot.

February, 2014 VOICE OF AMERICA SEVENTH WAVE, Internet Radioshow
Extatica Show Ellen Eatough interviews Deborah Sundahl
January, 2014 INTERNET TALK RADIO Podcast
Sex and Happiness G-spot and Female Ejaculation by Laurie Handlers
February, 2013 BRAZIL MAG Brazil
A Fonte do Prazer by Sofia Ay by Laurie Handlers

Como eu descobri a ejaculação feminina e o que você deve fazer para sua gata também jorrar prazer
A ejaculação feminina, ou squirt, em inglês, entrou na minha vida numa banal noite de terça-feira, quando eu estava de quatro no sofá da sala e meu namorado, ajoelhado atrás de mim, me masturbava forte e rapidamente, quase que me batendo por dentro da minha vagina. O líquido saiu do meu corpo como um jato, causando um prazer intenso, que eu nunca tinha experimentado. Mas a curtição durou pouco porque eu, desinformada, achei que tinha feito xixi em plena transa e me preocupei em limpar tudo rapidinho, antes que ele percebesse…
……afirma Sundahl, que no fim da entrevista parabenizou esta repórter por “não ter vergonha de olhar, conhecer e amar a sua adorável, linda e maravilhosa vulva”. “Viva la vulva!”, disse a pioneira da ejaculação feminina. E quem vai discordar?

Meior Sexo en Femenimo by Rita Abundancia

Las mujeres buscan hoy licenciarse en sexualidad. El objetivo es investigar todo el poder de la vagina y, para ello, terapeutas, industria erótica y gurús ofrecen nuevas fórmulas para el disfrute.
Una nueva revolución sexual sin quema de sujetadores ni pancartas por las calles está en marcha. Se trata de una lucha más íntima y personal: sacarle el máximo partido y disfrute a la vida sexual. El sexo como medio para obtener placer, pero también como vehículo que conduce a una vida más intensa, mejora la opinión
de uno mismo y, según los últimos avances…

February, 2011 VICE London, England
Squirting with a Sexpert by Tom Wanders

Here’s an interview with a lady who calls female ejaculation “a fountain of forest floor smells and prostatic fluid tastes. Yum”
Female ejaculation is a mythical concept that we mostly know about from Youporn videos and bragging drunk people, but almost no one has any firsthand experience. So when Tom Wanders told us that he interviewed sex educator and feminist Deborah Sundahl to talk about female ejaculation, we demanded he send us a transcript. Deborah’s explanations reek of patchouli. She conjures images of the Painted Desert and sounds of rain sticks–not quite the menagerie of vibrators, nipple clamps, and squirting lezzies we expected. Anywho, without further ado, here’s an interview with a lady who calls female ejaculation “a fountain of forest floor smells and prostatic fluid tastes.” Yum!…

April, 2011 Clitoral Orgasm Meets G-Spot
The Famous BETTY DODSON discussion with  Deborah Sundahl  New York City, USA
 Interview by Carlin Ross and Betty Dodson

This 60 minute discussion at Betty’s New York city loft-studio has a purpose: clitoral orgasm meets G-spot orgasm ~ and the talk is fast and furious, funny and mind-blowing.

“The Mother of Female Masturbation,” Betty Dodson (83), and “the Mother of Female Ejaculation,’ Deborah Sundahl (57), discuss the latest in female sexuality from the vantage point of decades of pioneering work and mission-in-life: women’s erotic pleasure and competency.

Also discussed is the epidemic of chronic pelvic muscle tension in 30% of both men and women, and the feminist political beginnings of today’s burgeoning sex education movement.

Betty Dodson is famous for her pioneering work in teaching women how to have an orgasm through her books and workshops since 1960’s. Betty is currently making another masturbation workshop video! How’s that for a role model of “How to Be Old and Live Large?”

June, 2010 PSYCHOLOGIES Paris, France
Sommes-nous toutes des femmes fountaines? by Guilia Fois

Deborah’s French book, le Point G et L’Ejaculation Feminine, is part of a discussion on the existence of female ejaculation for on-line magazine PYSCHOLOGIES.COM.
Plusieurs sexologues l’assurent : on ne naît pas femme fontaine, on le devient. Pour faire jaillir la source de ce plaisir si particulier, tout serait une question d’abandon…

Des fontaines qui s’ignorent

Femmes fontaines : ces mots font rougir les filles et rêver les garçons. Chacun y accole ses représentations personnelles, y ajoutant parfois les images véhiculées – et souvent truquées – par les films porno. On imagine des femmes hurlant de plaisir, des geysers vivants… pour le moins déroutants. Anne-Charlotte parle doucement. Et cette jeune femme blonde démonte tranquillement nos clichés. Elle dit qu’elle vient d’un « milieu traditionnel, catholique ». Elle assure cependant qu’elle n’a pas « hérité de ses principes », et qu’elle a « toujours aimé l’amour ». Elle ajoute qu’elle est une femme fontaine, mais qu’elle ne l’a pas toujours été. « Quand je sentais monter le plaisir, j’avais l’impression que j’allais uriner, et je me retenais. Mais un jour, une amie m’a raconté comment, pendant l’orgasme, elle expulsait une quantité impressionnante de liquide. Elle parlait d’un plaisir immense, et ça a fait tilt en moi. »

October, 2009 MAIL AND FEMALE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deborah Sundahl Video Interview 10 mins

Amsterdam’s premier sexuality and education store, Mail and Female, interviewed Deborah Sundahl after her lecture class at the store. Deborah gives tips on finding the G-spot and on techniques for toys.

March, 2010 SECOND SEXE Paris, France
La Culture du Plasir Feminine

The Second Sexe is France’s answer to the “bloom in women’s erotica” stores. Deborah was interviewed after her lecture at the prestigious university, l’ Ecole des Hautes Etudes enSciences Sociales – EHESS.Depuis plusieurs années Deborah Sundahl s’est fixé une mission : faire éjaculer les femmes. Après un livre et un film consacrés au point G et à l’éjaculation féminine, l’américaine sillonne aujourd’hui le monde pour donner colloques et ateliers sur le sujet. A l’occasion de son récent passage en France, Deborah Sundahl nous a accordé un entretien.

Personal Life Media with Chip August

Deborah speaks with Chip August, facilitator for the Human Awareness Institute and personal growth coach. This half hour show focuses on how female ejaculation empowers women both sexually and in their daily lives. Chip’s ideas on beliefs about love, intimacy and sexuality, and how they affect relationships, sexual satisfaction, marriage, body image and ability to find love intersects with Deborah’s clear and candid teaching on what the G-spot is, where it is located, and how to explore this area (as a woman) manually and with a sex toy.

(Also for download in podcast section of i-Tunes store)

October, 2008 SEX IS FUN Minneapolis, USA
Podcast Radio Show 148 with Kidder Kaper, Laura Rad and Gay Rick

The state of the women’s erotica market today, how the “new couples market” is not being served, history of feminist pornography, what is Tantra and is it really hot, more on the G-Spot, and making sex better the older you get.
A fun, lively and outspoken Deborah candidly airs her views with the young, hip and equally outspoken radio hosts of Sex Is Fun.

November, 2007 PERSONAL LIFE MEDIA Marin County, CA
Interview with Deborah Sundahl by Dr. Patti Taylor

Learn what the G-spot is, what area it covers, and how to explore it by yourself and with a partner. Find out the differences between clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms. In this podcast for Personal Life Media with Dr. Patti Taylor, author of Expanded Orgasm, Deborah discusses why relaxation is such an important key to G-spot orgasms and ejaculations. Female ejaculations come in all sizes and flavors, and you will find out the different ways you can expect them to appear!

Click here to listen to the streaming audio program.

February, 2006 KSFR RADIO Santa Fe, NM
Goddess Radio and Deborah Sundahl by Carly Newfield

On this exciting half hour show on women’s issues, Deborah discusses why female ejaculation is important to women’s sexual health and pleasure, why it has been silenced, and how reawakening this birthright can re-activate your erotic life. 30 mins.

February, 2006 TRANSITIONS RADIO, Santa Fe, NM USA
Interview with Deborah Sundahl by Alan Hutner

Deborah Sundahl talks about the sacred aspects of female ejaculation. She discusses female ejaculation’s ancient history, physical anatomy and its potential for healing the body, mind and spirit. Two Part 1:10 hr. 30 mins. Transitions Radio Magazine.

Part 1: 

Part 2:


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Female Ejaculation But Where Afraid to Ask
by Sharon Moalem New Scientist Magazine, May 2009

Author Sharon Moalem is an evolutionary biologist and neurogeneticist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. In his book, How Sex Works (April, 2009 HarperCollins) he interviewed Deborah on female ejaculation, and she is mentioned at the end of this New Scientist article. A very good re-cap on the-state-of-the-art of the scientific stance on female ejaculation to date – one that Deborah outlined in her book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, in 2003. Unfortuntanately, not much has changed since 2003.

The Fountainhead

by Dzana Tsomondo – Cool’eh Magazine, Issue No 11, November, 2008

In this special Women’s Issue, Deborah is interviewed by Cool’eh Magazine editor Dzana Tsomondo about her early days as a feminist sexuality pioneer, and her role in creating erotic literacy and entertainment for women. An historical, literary and thoughtful piece about starting a women’s erotic magazine in the 1980’s during a sexually repressive political climate, and how that lead into her current focus on female ejaculation.

The Love & Sex 2006: That’s the Spot

by Farren Stanley – Santa Fe Reporter, February 8, 2006

“Deborah Sundahl’s quest to learn about and teach the full female experience.
“She started her quest for female ejaculation in San Francisco and two decades later, having found it, Deborah Sundahl is in the high desert of New Mexico looking for the sacred feminine…”

Adobe PDF format: “That’s The Spot” – Santa Fe Reporter, Feb. 8, 2006


German magazine articles discuss Deborah Sundahl’s female ejaculation workshops in the Black Forest, and her lectures throughout Germany on female ejaculation.

October, 2006: Die Quellnymphe wecken

Vielleicht ist jetzt die Zeit reif, dass sich Frauen in ihrer Sexualität einen Schritt tiefer wagen. Dass sie ihre Vagina wecken und heilen. Ein möglicher Weg ist das Wissen um die weibliche Prostata und ihre Erkundung.

December, 2006:Quelle der Lust: G-Punkt und weibliche Ejakulation

Kann jede Frau beim Orgasmus ejakulieren? Gibt es überhaupt den G-Punkt? Ruth R. Stehle beantwortet Fragen, Fred Hüning steuert Fotos bei. Feigenblatt article, December, 2006

April, 2006

Lebenslust article – German language

Adobe PDF format: Lebenslust article, April 2006


Deborah’s 2004 lectures in England got the attention of the mainstream London Press:

The Times, London – “Body & Soul” section, October 9, 2004
The Independent Review, London, October 19, 2004