Portugal Workshop 2022


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Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Weekend Workshop with Deborah Sundahl  

 Pipa Cardoso organizer Contact Questions: 

Pipa will offer Breathwork techniques and assistance during workshop

Sinatra, Portugal. September 2-4, 2022

Starts: 14:00  Friday

Ends: 16:00pm Sunday

We invite you to come explore all about the G-spot, female ejaculation & how it works in your body, how to awaken the ultra-sensitivity of this organ & how to reset your nervous system  through breathing techniques in a private, secure & confidential container created to support women reclaim this centerpiece of their sexuality.

Topics include: 

• female ejaculation ancient history

• the female prostate anatomy 

• the function & purpose of the G-spot 

• female ejaculation & what female ejaculate is

• how it works, why it is blocked in many women & how to release it

• how your nervous system – particularly the vagus nerve –  operates and

• how you can self-regulate it to experience ever greater states of pleasure, relaxation & bliss

By end of our workshop you will be able to: 

• have a deeper understanding of how you do or can ejaculate

• feel more depth & variety in your orgasms & sensations of pleasure

• know what a G-spot orgasm is & how you can best experience it

• experience greater presence, openness & satisfaction in your self-lovemaking & in your intimate connection with a partner

• have more sexual self-confidence

• take home & choose from a variety of tools & techniques for greater health, wellbeing & pleasure.

>>> Join us is this unique & long overdue sensual exploration ♥️

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