Awaken Your G-Spot Practice Meditation Online Workshop


Awaken Your G-Spot Practice Meditation Online Workshop


The female prostate is an incredible storehouse of guidance and information. Mindfulness and inner awareness is her landscape. All you need are the tools and skills to unlock her language, and you will learn that in this workshop. Through practices And meditations that Deborah developed, you increase your awareness of your G-spot’s sensitivity and female ejaculation’s sensation in your body.
Expand intimacy from your deepest feminine longing. Learn how to release her excitement and comfort whenever you need it. Gentleness toward your erotic body and intimate knowledge of her desires will serve you over a lifetime.

Practice sessions of the meditations that you learned in the webinar or weekend workshop (Female Ejaculation and the G-spot). Work with other women over Zoom Meeting, become more proficient, continue to be facilitated in person with Deborah. The 5 Sessions are 120 mins in length and meet every three weeks. (See dates and times below)

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TIME: 19:00-21:00 CET. 1:00-3:00pm EST

*Mar 15, April 5, 26, May 17, Jun 7, 2021 Monday
*April 22, May 13, June 3, 24, July 15, 2021  Thursday

*May 12, Jun 2, 23, July 14, Aug 4, 2021 Wednesday

May 25, Jun, 15, Jul 6, 27, Aug 17 Tuesday

*June 17, July 8, 29, Aug 19, Sept 9, 2021 Thursday

*Sept 14, Oct 5, 26, Nov 16, Dec 7, 2021  Tuesday

*Nov 2, 23, Dec 14, 2021, Jan 4, 25,  2022 Thursday

*Jan 13, Feb 3, 24, March 17, April 7, 2022 Thursday