Milking Female Ejaculate the Rough Way – Sexual Abuse?


Milking Female Ejaculate the Rough Way – Sexual Abuse?

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Take a look at this so-called “female ejaculation technique,” and the plastic torso set-up – if you dare.

The disgusting display starts at minute: 34:40  (note on 1/10/20: this has been taken down by Youtube. Thank you)

Sins are:

1) “Carved from porn” vulva and breast anatomy that is completely erroneous.

2) Extremely rough treatment to the female prostate and vagina akin to sexual abuse.

3) Academic who declares, “It’s all urine.” So why bother, then, with this debacle to create and emit female ejaculate on TV?

Today I drew a line in the sand.  No longer is this type of treatment of the female erotic body to be tolerated, whether the perpetrator be male, or in this case female, or displayed on a platter to us via television.

Join my campaign to write letters to the producers and directors of such horror shows. These shows have replaced intelligent, entertaining and inspiring sex education lectures, discussions and demonstrations. This is a situation not to be tolerated!

Write and tell them this is unacceptable treatment of the female erotic body. Moreover, that such treatment is tantamount to sexual abuse, and you want it off-the-air or will boycott their “television series” altogether.

I predict a wave of these shows in other European countries and in north America. Now that television has finally figured out – after 12 years – how to depict the inherently explicit nature of female ejaculation on TV, we will certainly see more  debasement of the female erotic body and her lovely feminine fountain.

PROTEST LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The time has come. After 15 years of unfettered advancement of female ejaculation in the bedrooms of the western world, I smell a backlash brewing.  As a feminist, my expertise is identifying acts that are demeaning to women. Speak out now for sex education to replace the breeding of ignorance by such shows, and remind everyone about respect for women and their bodies.

On behalf of the thousands of women who have learned to ejaculate and are so very happy, and so very empowered because of their ability to understand and control their own erotic bodies, we thank you for your action, NOW.  WRITE:   Dutch BBN show “Spuiten en Slikken” (Squirt and Swallow) aired 2015.