G-Spot Massage


The G-Spot Massage

Many people are touching the G-spot, but the woman cannot feel anything. This is because the G-spot is numbed out in many women. Since the G-spot is a prostate organ, and is highly sensitive, as men well know, what is going on with the G-spot that so many woman cannot feel anything?

There are many factors that I discuss in depth in my book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, but in a nutshell it has to do with three reasons:

1) We have been told for over 400 years that the female prostate doesn’t exist; that it is shriveled up and non-functioning. If you are told by every corner of society that something doesn’t exist, you tend to believe it.

2) The way we make love in western culture is fast and furious, and women are rarely ready, emotionally or physically, for intercourse of this nature, whether they are conscious of it or not. For example, what would men do if you came abruptly and vigorously at their prostates with a wooden dildoe, before they had any warm up? They would tense up, numb down, and probably “have a headache and not be into sex tonight, dear.”

3) The numbness has emotional causes. Since most people have mis-used their sexuality at some point in their erotic life, and since one in four women have suffered sexual abuse (one in five men), it is no wonder that the G-spot numbs out, or is very painful to the touch. Its ability to feel pleasure and loving closeness can diminish altogether.

Enter the G-spot massage to help unblock these painful, emotional episodes and restore the G-spot back to its natural state of ultra sensitivity. The G-spot massage is body therapy; the focus is not erotic pleasure. It’s done by stimulating the G-spot with gentle strokes and slow touch, and ‘dropping down’ into your emotional sensations to see “what is there”; i.e., what feelings come up to the surface. Then, acknowledging these feelings, and in doing so, releasing them. One can have a painful or numb area on their G-spot, and once the emotions are released, they literally can begin to feel pleasure! This is serious sexual healing, and has saved many a marriage or partnership!

For those who are familiar with bodywork and alternative therapies, this process is understood. For those who have never experienced this kind of “inner work,” as it is called, the method may seem ineffective at first. But like any alternative healing therapy, once you understand the different mindset and approach to health and physical fitness that they embody, what seemed strange or silly takes on an entirely new meaning. Once understood and experienced, then the effectiveness of these alternative health and healing therapies to promote healing on many levels (mind, body, emotion, spirit) accelerates.

For a look at a G-spot massage between a menopausal woman and a Tantric healing practitioner, see Deborah’s DVD, Tantric Journey to Female Ejaculation.

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